Memorandum by the Assistant Secretary of State for UN Affairs (Hickerson) to the Secretary of Stat


Continued Availability of Dr. Frank P. Graham on Kashmir Case.



UNA understands from Ambassador Gross that Don Dawson of the White House has had a telephone conversation with Andy Cordier over the availability of Dr. Graham for a position to which the President wishes to appoint him. This position will require senatorial confirmation and accordingly it has been indicated that the White House would wish to have the nomination sent in before Congress is likely to adjourn.

We fully appreciate the desirability of Dr. Graham taking the Presidential appointment which we understand was originally tendered to him by the President last October and which the President has, largely at your behest, held open for Dr. Graham since that time. However, we are confronted with the fact that the Kashmir negotiations are presently at their most critical stage and it is of the utmost importance that there be no apparent uncertainty as to Dr. Graham’s continued role in them at least for the time being. We believe that naming Dr. Graham for a post of reasonably national prominence now would undoubtedly destroy his usefulness as a negotiator vis-à-vis the parties and conceivably might set back seriously his slowly won progress. We believe that the next three or four weeks will be critical but at the same time should indicate the ultimate availability of Dr. Graham for the position to which the President wishes to appoint him.


That you raise again the matter of Dr. Graham’s absolute importance to the Kashmir case and express the hope that the President will agree with us that no formal or public action should be taken with regard to appointing Dr. Graham to a national post at least for the next three of four weeks. We fervently hope that the President will agree to a postponement of this decision during the time indicated.