Holding an Assembly

Islam is  has laid down guidelines to guide Muslims in every aspect of life, be it going to the latrine or performing Hajj. As has been mentioned time and again, Islam does not lay emphasis on Salaat and Zakaat alone. It urges the Muslims to behave themselves and act strictly as directed. If a Muslim goes to latrine as directed by the most revered Prophet (SAW), he would be rewarded for it. Similarly, if Muslims hold an assembly strictly in accordance with the Sunnah of the most revered Prophet (SAW), it will be an act of virtue for them.

How should Muslims sit together for a discussion, or how should they hold an assembly? Most of the Muslims do not know. Being unaware of the Sunnah, they invite wrath of Allah the almighty. It has been seen that the contemporary Muslims especially here in Kashmir start a conversation by anything ranging from cricket talk to a filmi song.

People who get up from an assembly in which they did not made a mention of Allah the almighty will be just as if they had got up from an ass’s corpse, and it will be a cause of grief to them……(Abu Dawud, Page 4855).

An assembly where no mention of Allah the almighty was made has been equalled to mourning the death of an ass. The concluding part of the hadith “…and it will be a cause of grief to them” must be taken very seriously. How easy it is to invoke the blessings of the Master of the day of judgement? And, how easy it is to invite His wrath?

Why has the most revered Prophet (SAW) stressed need for making mention of Allah the almighty during an assembly? The wisdom in this saying needs to be appreciated. Normally when people sit together, they resort to backbiting, they use abusive language, they crack crude jokes, they discuss women, they find fault with others and so on. All of these acts are major sins and Muslims have been repeatedly told to refrain from such detested acts. When a mention of Allah the almighty and the most revered Prophet (SAW) is made during an assembly, it automatically enforces discipline and all the participants refrain from above mentioned vices and thus save themselves.

Further when people involved in a discussion make mention of Allah the almighty, Allah directs His angels to send salutations on them. Why should Muslims suffer this loss? The question needs serious consideration.

But does this mean that the Muslims cannot discuss worldly affairs; Does it mean they cannot entertain themselves? For the information of all those who raise such absurd questions, it may be mentioned that the most revered Prophet (SAW) also used to entertain Himself and His pious companions (May Allah be pleased with them all). All this was done without causing inconvenience to others, without indulging into backbiting, without transgressing the limits prescribed by Allah the almighty.

And as far as worldly affairs are concerned, Islam is always there to guide the Muslims. Everything has been reduced to writing if only the Muslims find time to go through the Holy Book and the sayings of the most revered Prophet (SAW). If a group of Muslims wants to discuss international politics, it can be done by mentioning the name of Allah the almighty  in the beginning and by sending salutations to the most revered Prophet (SAW). Islam tells the Muslims how to go to the market, how to do business, how to take a bath, how to sleep, how to deal with the neighbors, how to eat, how to drink and what to drink and so on. This does not only make the life of the Muslims easy but also entitles them to the blessings of Allah the almighty as well.