Petition seeks end to ‘social boycott of Muslims in Zanskar’

Srinagar: An online petition has been launched for an “end to social boycott against the Muslim population in Zanskar region of Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir.”
The petition by Tariq Rasool is addressed to Dalai Lama, the exiled spiritual leader of Buddhists from Tibet. The petition reads: “I on behalf of the Muslim Population of Zanskar would like to invite your kind intervention and blessings for the future of Zanskar as land of Spiritual Peace, Progress, Harmony and Tranquility.”
“As you are aware that Zanskar is a remote landlocked region in Ladakh, with an approximate Population of 18000. Which comprises of two religious communities Buddhists and Muslim, who have had a history of peaceful co-existence and share the same food, language and traditions since antiquity.
Muslims in Zanskar referred to as (Khaches) account only 5% of the total population, whereas Buddhists constitutes 95% of the population.”
The petition has been signed by 81 people so far including people from foreign countries, according to the address list.
The petition further reads: “In the year 2012 some unfortunate events unfolded in Zanskar, when 4 Buddhist families converted to Islam on the pretext of Casts based discrimination that they were facing, and the same was also informed about, to your Highness by the Minority Community of Zanskar way before this incident occurred, during your last visit to Zanskar.
Ever since 2012, the minority population of Zanskar has been suffering all sorts of problems.
There is a Socio-Economic Boycott that is still continuing against the Muslims of Zanskar for something, without any fault of theirs And it’s almost been 2 years And recently a Young Muslim Boy has been badly beaten up by a Mob, which included even some monks and the boy has faced severe injuries, due to which he has been airlifted to Leh for treatment.
Whatever the differences may have been between the two communities, so far no Local leader has taken the initiative sort out problems and to put an end to all the tentions that looms in Zanskar.”
The petitioner demands intervention of Dalai Lama and writes: “I on behalf of the minority population appeal with a sanguine hope to your highness for a necessary intervention and end to all this. So that the Minorities can feel safe and also we can revive the age old legacy of peaceful and harmonious co-existence.”