India ‘playing with fire’ by terrorizing youth: Malik

Srinagar: Chairman Jammu and Kashmir liberation Front (JKLF) Mohammad Yasin Malik Tuesday warned that India and its “stooges” were playing with fire by “oppressing and terrorizing Kashmiri youth.” Speaking to the parents of Wasim Bashir Sofi of Pulwama who was booked under PSA and sent to Kathua jail recently, Malik said that “hundreds of innocents are being constantly terrorized, oppressed, harassed, tortured and jailed as part of a policy to push the young generation of Kashmiris towards violence.”
“Indian rulers pursued the same policy of terrorizing peaceful youth in 1984, 85, 86 and 87 and hundreds of youth including me were tortured in interrogation centers . This unilateral violence by the Indian state pushed the youth to the wall and in 1988 Kashmir witnessed the start of an armed struggle,” Malik said according to a statement.
“Today the same policy is being followed again and it could prove fatal and push the youth towards a path of violence,” Malik said.
He said while the Indian state was concerned with “only keeping its illegal occupation intact, the bureaucrats, officers, officials and politicians working for them are terrorizing Kashmiris for power and other perks.”