1889: Pratap Singh Pleads With British Crown

Maharaja Pratap Singh of Kashmir wrote a letter to the British Government seeking a chance to perform better. The letter shows the Maharaja’s worry over the explanation sought by the British Government.

“If after a fair trial, I fail to set everything right, Your Excellency may shoot me through the heart,” the Maharaja wrote.

1948: Indira Gandhi Writes to Nehru

In a letter to her father and the Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, sent on May 14, 1948, Indira Gandhi wrote: “they say only Sheikh Saheb is confident of winning the plebiscite.”

However, the fear of losing Kashmir remained. President Rajendra Prasad wrote in a note to Nehru on July 14, 1953:

“Last year, (Vice-President) Dr. Radhakrishnan, on his return from a visit to Kashmir, came and told me that even Sheikh Abdullah thought that we would lose in a plebiscite as Sheikh Abdullah himself had told him that … but whether we win or lose in a plebiscite, with our commitments it is not possible to say that we shall not have a plebiscite if the other side presses for it…”


1954: J&K Brought Under Constitution of India Ambit

The President of India promulgated the Constitution (Applicability to Jammu and Kashmir) order placing on a final footing the applicability of other provisions of the Constitution to Jammu and Kashmir.