Stink welcomes visitors at Srinagar ‘international’ airport

SRINAGAR: The condition of passenger washrooms/restrooms at Srinagar ‘international’ airport is turning out to be the biggest embarrassment for people of Kashmir.
Most of the travelers, especially tourists, say that washrooms for passengers at the airport lack proper sanitation and hygiene.
“Who named it an international airport? By what standard is this international? Look at the washrooms, it’s disgusting. I wasn’t expecting such a smelly welcome,” Ashok Sharma, a tourist, told Kashmir Reader.
“The washrooms are always wet and dirty whenever I happen to visit. The mess is such that you cannot save your clothes from getting dirty,” said Rouf Ahmed, a frequent traveler.
According to airport officials, there are 30 washrooms for passengers, out of which 10 are meant for women, 10 for men and the remaining 10 for physically challenged persons. Despite undergoing extensive renovation in the past few years, including a new terminal for arrival and departure and other operational facilities, the sanitation remains woefully inadequate.
“My experience has always been disappointing. Only two days ago when I came from New Delhi and happened to use the facility at the airport, I found the dryer not working,” a female traveler told Kashmir Reader.
“A co-passenger wanted to use the washroom but she changed her mind due to the stink,” she added.
Echoing similar views, another traveler Suhail said, “Airport washrooms are always in bad conditions. Paid washrooms in many areas of Srinagar are comparatively clean.”
However, officials concerned at the airport claim that all is well. “All these reports are absolutely false. Some people might have some other motives by doing so. Since I have joined, I make sure the conditions are improving. You can come over and check yourself,” Terminal Manager at the airport, Suresh Vasishth told Kashmir Reader.