Outgoing members pick holes in election process

Rafiq A Wani

SRINAGAR: The much fancied Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association elections held Monday to choose its office bearers might have given a reason or two to smile for the newly elected members, but the process was questioned by some disgruntled association members who accused that elections were “stage managed’ to give “clean chit to scandalous people.”

The agitated lot accused that members who were keen to punish those involved in multi-crore scam that hit JKCA hard early 2012 were shown the exit door.

Former bureaucrat and JKCA member Mehboob Iqbal led the charge to protest against the elections.

“Ashwinder koul was a member of four member internal probe committee probing multi-crore scam was not allowed to attend the working committee member and was replaced by other member. Those who tried to bring culprits to the book were shown the door,” disgruntled Iqbal told Kashmir Reader soon after results were declared.

He said that new elected president Arvinder Singh Mickey was gifted with the prized after he resigned from the internal probe committee on behalf of Dr Farooq Abdullah.

 “ML Nehru, who had earlier sought probe into the scam and filed a complaint was given the post of General Secretary after withdrawing the case,” he said.  “Cricketers have been thrown out and politicians have been brought to run the JKCA.”

The winning group was celebrating with lot of energy congratulating each other, but the disgruntled members provided picture of disbelief and shock after the results were declared.

The chaotic scenes coincided with some jubilant ones as blame games started.

Vice chairman Jammu Shastri Cricket Club, Shambu Nath Sharma and out going vice chairman  Javid Ahmed Kitab alleged that they weren’t allowed to take part in the elections and were shocked not to find their names in the list of members.

Kitab, who is also chairman of Muslim Cricket Club and a lifetime member of JKCA, alleged that he wasn’t allowed to participate in the Working Committee meeting on Monday.

“Farooq Abdullah barred those members to participate in the elections who frequently raise the questions about the cricket scam. Farooq Abdullah did it all to hush up the scam and save the guilty,” Kitab told a local news gathering agency.

Sharma had a similar complaints as that of Kitab.

“I was not allowed to participate in it. I am telling you with authority that there were dozens of fake members present in the meeting who participated in the elections,” said  Sharma, outgoing vice-chairman Jammu wing, who heads Shastri Cricket Club Jammu.

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