New team wants to create ‘cordial’ cricketing environment, ‘do away’ with club politics

New team wants to create ‘cordial’ cricketing environment, ‘do away’ with club politics

With Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association holding elections to choose its office bearers on Monday, Kashmir Reader Sports Correspondent  Rafiq A Wani asked the new team JKCA about what they want to do during their new assignment with most of them saying that cricketing infrastructure needs to be upgraded and merit based selections are the need of the hour to bring best out of the players on the field.

 Our first priority will have to start developmental work. We would like to give players practice games to ready them for the bigger challenges. We will have to do away with club politics and make sure players are selected purely on basis of merit than personal likings and dislikings. We plan to hold tournaments in rural areas to unearth untapped talent.

ML Nehru, General Secretary JKCA


We have lot to do. We would like make sure development of cricket isn’t halted and players are given best possible facilities so that they perform well on the field. More and more grounds will have to be constructed to extend our reach.

Arvinder Singh Micky, Chairman JKCA

We need to get grounds ready for the cricket tournaments we plan to organise in the coming days. In-fact I have already talked to curators about this and if weather permits, we will have everything in place.

We intend to hold talent hunt programmes in the rural areas to bring more and more players into fold and ensure talent isn’t wasted.

Ghulam Mohammad Bhat, Treasurer JKCA

We would like to create a cordial cricketing environment so that everyone is given chance to contribute for the betterment of the game. Infrastructure has to be developed so that players are given facilities to express themselves on the field. Players’ selections will have to be made on merit and tournaments will have be conducted to make sure players are in better shape for Ranji Trophy season 2014.

Idrees Gundroo, Joint Secretary JKCA