Endangered Species

Sheru feels sorry for the buchies. According to media reports, two  commit suicide daily in the once abode of saints. Buchiesand aunties are dying. Nobody seems to be interested in the woes of the naari.

Experts give several reasons, ranging from failed love affairs to unemployment, for this unfortunate trend. Sometimes the reasons are too trivial to justify an emotional response. They suggest remedial measures as well. The society, they believe, has to play a vital role to curb this menace.

Sheru understands the intensity of a laive affair. Some people really die in laive. How strange? But it is true. Laive is a deadly killer. But Sheru knows a buchi who had mastered the art of attempting suicide. One day she cut the skin on her wrist and screamed. Luckily, Sheru’s friend lived in her neighbourhood. She rushed to her house, only to learn from the `dying buchi’ that she had cut it superficially to force her father to accept her boyfriend’s marriage proposal.

Four years ago, an incident in a Gandarbal village shocked one and all. A young girl ended her life for a trivial reason.  The Indian Home Minister had banned pre-paid SMS in Jammu and Kashmir. The same day, a girl consumed poison and died.  According to villagers, the 23-year-old buchi, of Chatragul had to be taken to the hospital in critical condition after she learnt that her pre-paid mobile phone would not function any longer. She died. She is no more and Sheru does not want to dig deep into her personal life. Whatever the reasons, one must not kill oneself for such petty reasons.

The younger generation, experts believe, perceive suicide as a means to end their  troubles. This, they say, is particularly true of women who are psychologically more vulnerable. Sheru, however, blames moms for the suicide of young buchiesBuchiesalways have moms on their side.  When a buchie tells her mom about her laive affair, the mom asks a few questions and then gives the green signal. The affair, more often than not, breaks and after a brief spell of mourning another affair starts, and the mom supports this as well and the process continues. And, with moms knowing everything about their buchies, there should be no scope for suicides.       What has happened to buchies and aunties? Sheru feels sorry for them and wishes them long life and good luck.

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