1947: British Paramountcy Over States Ends

The British Paramountcy of the subcontinent’s princely states came to an end, and was supposed to have been transferred to their people. But no solution had been found out for conceding the demands of various communities living in India. Sections of opinion in Kashmir urged “losing no time in adopting a strong and bold policy” if the state had “to keep itself aloof from carnage and bloodshed.” It exhorted Kashmir’s Maharaja Hari Singh to declare Kashmir independent immediately and form a separate constituent assembly “at once” to frame a Constitution in accordance with the wishes of the people.

“His Highness the Maharaja Bahadur will receive the cooperation of Muslims in carrying out this policy. The Muslims form 80 per cent of the population. They are represented by the Muslim Conference. The Muslims will welcome the Maharaja Bahadur as the first constitutional ruler of independent and democratic Kashmir,” political voices said.

1994: Troops Kill 9 in Bandipora after Arrest


During a crackdown, BSF personnel arrested 9 persons in the presence of locals, and took them to a military camp in the area. The dead bodies of the detained villagers were handed over to their relatives shortly afterwards. Protests denouncing the killings erupted as soon as news of the incident spread.

2013-Militants Kill Police Officer

Militants shot dead an assistant sub-inspector of the police in Pulwama, while unidentified gunmen killed a cleric in Lassipora, another part of the district, the same day.