May 9, 1946- NC launches Quit Kashmir Movement

National Conference launched the Quit Kashmir Movement (all of a sudden0 on May 9, 1946. The Dogra rulers were asked to leave Kashmir. The movement took Kashmir by storm. The NC regained its popularity.

However, the rulers responded with repressive measures. The leadership including Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah was taken into custody. Scores got killed. The movement died down with the arrest of the leaders.

Jawahar Lal  Nehru wanted to appear as a defense council for Sher-e0Kashmir. But he was denied entry into the state. When he tried to defy the ban on his entry, he was taken into custody near Kohala Bridge.



1994- Kashmir shuts down against custodial killings

A general strike called by militants brings Kashmir to a halt.  The strike was intended to call attention to accusations by local human rights groups that Indian security officials were killing and torturing Kashmiris in detention.

1999- Exchange of fire begins in Kargil

Exchange of artillery began on May 9, 1999 and in late May, India began launching airstrikes into Pakistani-held territory. The international community’s worst nightmare had now become a reality: two nuclear powers were actively engaged in live battle. The lack of diffusive rhetoric out of either Delhi or Islamabad only fueled the propensity for escalation, with both sides accusing the other of committing unacceptable violations of sovereignty.

Frighteningly, it was revealed that during the crisis, India “deployed five nuclear tipped missiles”?four short-range Prithvi missiles (150 km range) and one Agni missile (1000 km range)?targeted at Pakistan. Islamabad evidently did the same, placing six Hatf-II (500 km range) missiles tipped with nuclear warheads on maximum alert and aimed “at Indian military and economic installations.” The implication is that nuclear warheads were mated to capable delivery systems at launch-on-command status by bordering states in a de facto state of war? the closest the world has been to nuclear conflict since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. This de facto state of war endured for ten exceedingly tense weeks until President Clinton convinced an increasingly isolated Pakistan to withdraw its troops from the Indian side of the Line of Control.

2001- Six beheaded in Doda village

Gunment whose identity could not be ascertained beheaded six Hindu villagers while grazing cattle. Several hours later, six bodies – all decapitated were discovered by the police. Three other villagers survived the attack with d

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