Crash course on Islam for downtown women

SRINAGAR: There is good news for the women who intend to expand their Islamic knowledge. A local Islamic body is launching a crash course in Srinagar exclusively meant for women.
Maktaba Taleem-un-Nissa, which provides Islamic education to women irrespective of age, is starting the programme in Hawal area of downtown city. The body is managed by Madrasa Siraj-ul-Uloom, Nawab Bazaar that is affiliated to the famed Uttar Pradesh-based Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama.
“Men are lucky enough to have access to Friday sermons and other scholarly interactions, while majority of our sisters lag behind in the knowledge of Islam due to inaccessibility to credible sources. The only aim of launching the crash course is to provide a forum where women get a deep understanding of Islamic values,” Tahira Aapa, one of the members of Maktaba, told Kashmir Reader.
The course has been designed to help the women understand and practice religion better in day to day life. The 70-day course has been divided into five chapters—Taleem-ul-Qur’an, Islamic Fiqh, Aqaid (creed), Taleem-ul- Sunnah and Aadab-e-Dua.
“The course deals with etiquettes in reciting the Qur’an and learning and understanding the Holy book. The second chapter of the course explains briefly the fundamental laws and Islamic jurisprudence. The third chapter explains what the correct Aqaid or beliefs of a Muslim woman should be with respect to Allah and his Prophets. In fourth part, we teach about Sunnahs and the rewards of observing them. And in the last part we explain the methodology of making dua at right times,” Tahira said.
She said a number of female scholars with expertise in the field are expected to join the programme.
“We want our sisters to talk freely about different issues regarding women and its solutions. That is why we are strictly providing female guides,” Tahira said.
In addition, the Maktaba provides Islamic education free of cost to those who cannot meet the expenses. “We largely want our sisters to get benefitted by this effort,” Tahira added.