Wrong parking: Traffic Police realizes Rs 93 lakh fine in 2 years

Wrong parking: Traffic Police realizes  Rs 93 lakh fine in 2 years

SRINAGAR: The Traffic Police department in Kashmir has collected a fine of Rs 9, 30, 6926 in mere two years from private transporters for wrong parking.
Replying to an RTI application, the department, responsible for managing vehicular traffic across the Valley, has revealed that it received a fine of Rs 5550462 from 14159 offenders who were challaned for wrong parking in 2012 and 2013 in Srinagar city alone.
In addition, an amount of Rs 37 56464 has been collected from the offenders as towing charges.
The traffic policing in the summer capital has been intensified in past few years as the existing road infrastructure is proving inadequate for the increasing traffic mess. And the particular target of the department has been the ones indulging in wrong parking.
The department has been doing it with assistance of some private agencies to add on the infrastructure like towing vehicles. Any vehicle parked wrongly anywhere around the city centre Lal Chowk is promptly towed away, and the offender is made to pay fine and towing charges to get his vehicle back.
Besides, the traffic police has been active against bikers, mostly those riding without crash helmet.
A high number of bikers have been riding without crash helmet and triple riding in past two years, revealed the RTI.  Around 10436 bikers have been fined for riding without crash helmet and 2988 have been found guilty of triple riding.
The RTI also shows that 3408 public transport vehicles have been fined during the period by the department for wrong parking, but the department hasn’t revealed the figure of fine collected from the offenders.
“However, the total amount charged from the offenders particularly for wrong parking is not available with this unit,” it said, adding an additional 7062 transporters were booked for making wrong stops.