Kashmiris unsafe in India: Jama’at

Srinagar: “The attack on Kashmiri students in Noida International University, UP, once again proves that Kashmiri Muslims are nowhere safe in India,” the Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu Kashmir said Tuesday.
In a statement, a Jama’a’t spokesman said the communal elements in India have made it a point not to waste any opportunity to attack, harass and intimidate Kashmiri Muslims.
“The assurances given by the rulers of Indian states have proved to be hoax as these attacks continue unabated. It is unfortunate that Kashmiri youth are facing persecution at the hands of local ruling class at home on one hand and on the other, they face hostile and humiliating atmosphere outside the state. This has created a vicious atmosphere for them. The intellectuals and those having influence on matters should come forward and draft a policy to salvage people of Kashmir from this situation,” the spokesman said.
Hurriyat Conference(G) chairman Syed  Ali Geelani also condemned “the communal forces who compelled Kashmiri youth in Noida Delhi to shout  anti-Pakistan  slogans.”
“Such an action can only be termed as the worst kind of communal mentality and venom against Pakistan,” Geelani said in  a statement.
He said it was not for the first time that Kashmiri students had been subjected to torture and  humiliation.