CCA condemns harassment of Kashmiri students

Srinagar: Terming it as an emergence of a dangerous pattern, the Coaching Centres Association (CCA) of Kashmir has strongly condemned the harassment and ill-treatment meted out to Kashmiri students in a university in Noida.
The association said the latest incident is one of the many reported and unreported incidents, which direct towards a dangerous trend.
“This should not be seen as an incident in isolation,” said G N Var, chairman CCA in a statement here Tuesday.
“A pattern is emerging wherein beating, harassment and even suspension of Kashmiri students is becoming a new norm.”
The association said that this is increasing the sense of alienation among Kashmiris. “In fact now we are moving a step further as the sense of alienation among Kashmiris has now progressed into sense of security,” said Var. “Now the main concern of students is how to save their lives rather than how to get education.”
The association said that situation is affecting the quality education as basic concern shifts to security. “Even in Kashmir the parents now ask career consultants whether the particular college or school is safe for Kashmiris instead of whether the college provides quality education,” said Var. “And then only they apply.”
The association said that the government needs to take a pro-active approach in dealing with such situations. “Tens of thousands of Kashmiri students are studying all over India and unfortunately there is no strategy with government to safeguard their interests,” said Var. “The approach of state government is limited to issuing condemnation statements and deputing teams, and then forget everything.”