Tibetans Misrepresented

Dear Editor

I am writing this letter to you with regard to the news report Fear Keeps ‘Tibetans’ Away from Polling, published in your newspaper on May 1, 2014.

There is huge resentment among the Tibetan Muslim Community because we bore the brunt of that article. The consequences and the ramification of this report were devastating and terrifying.  Residents of the Tibetan Colony at Eidgah spent one of the most dreadful and frightening nights after the report appeared, because many Kashmiris got the impression that these Tibetan were traitors and needed to be punished for siding with India.

An angry crowd from in and around the area marched towards the Tibetan Colony in Eidgah and started smashing windowpanes in the dead of the night, amid shouts and threats of burning down our houses. This was a harrowing, terrifying and a nightmarish experience for all of us, particularly women and children. It was a nightmare.

Our community feels that the news report betrayed us and didn’t portray the real picture. It suggested us as very keen and eager to go for polling, which actually was not the case.

 Journalism is one thing, and responsible and sensible journalism is another.

The residents who spoke to the journalist are absolutely stunned and felt that their conversation with him had been twisted and paraphrased incorrectly according to his own imagination.

Therefore, we request you to instruct the gentleman concerned to be more careful and cautious in future.

We feel that the correspondent is morally bound to meet the residents of the Tibetan Colony once again, and apologise for the aggravation and distress caused by his report.

Hidayatullah Dalpa 

-on behalf of THOKPO, a social networking group from the Tibetan Muslim Community