NC, PDP have lost their shelf life: Sajad Lone

SRINAGAR: “It will be naïve on the part of both National Conference and PDP to think that the people of Kashmir have forgotten the roles played by the patrons of both the Delhi favoured blue-eyed parties,” chairman of his faction of the People’s Conference, Sajad Lone, said on Monday.
Addressing election meetings in Uri, Baramulla, Lone, according to a statement said, “The continued practice of a political system followed by NC and PDP is holding hostage the interests and well being of an entire peoples to the whims of a ‘select’ few. These select few in return mortgage their political will and ideology to the powers that be. Rather than addressing the aspirations and grievances of the people of the state there was put into place, very early on, a system wherein by extending a scheme of patronage-both financial and political to a few blue-eyed individuals of the state New Delhi was able to proxy-manage the state.”
Lone said the PC is not only fighting NC and PDP “but also the false perception created by propaganda machinery of these two parties.”
“These parties have money; they have resources; they have enjoyed power for decades and they utilize this to create myths and false perception,” he said.
Lone said Kashmiris deserve a chance that two sides of the story be present in the Parliament and it is high time for the people to kindly introspect what difference it will make whether NC or PDP  sends its member to the  parliament.
“What NC-PDP twinship has done for the last 60 years? When they have expressed pain and anguish of Kashmiris in the parliament? Why should we send those to the Parliament whose hands are drenched with blood of Kashmiris?” Lone said.
He assured the people that PC would give the “biggest surprise of 2014 and we will convince the people to pack off NC, PDP to New Delhi where they were stationed in ‘90s when atrocities were perpetrated on Kashmiris.”
“The winds of change sweep across the region and it is the responsibility of every Kashmiri to be a part of this change and dismantle the icons of (modern) slavery and contribute towards an era of true empowerment of the voiceless Kashmiri,” Lone added.