Is Dil Really Pagal?

Fourteen years ago, Sheru wrote what some jaan buchies called a `nice piece’. It was titled Dil Tou Dustbin Hai. Heart is a very important organ. Life depends on it. This, perhaps, is the reason that the Almighty did not give it `autonomy’. It has to follow the brain. It beats because the brain orders it to beat. It sometimes misses a beat because the brain wants it to do so.  Sometimes the brain directs it to `gallop’ and it starts beating rapidly. Contrary to common belief, it has nothing to do withlaive.  Again, it is the brain that decides whether a person is to be loved or hated. The poor heart has nothing to do with it.

Why do people, therefore, give undue importance to dil? Everything is taken to heart. dil na hua koi dustbin hua (as if heart is a bin). When Dad scolds a buchi, she takes it to heart. Mama forgets to do what daughter wanted and dil toot jata hai, a friend fails to fulfill his promise, and many hearts break.

When Sheru wrote the above mentioned piece, Madhuri aunty and all buchies believed dil tou pagal hai. How can dil be mad? A person turns insane when he loses his or her mental balance. The heart has nothing to do with pagalpan(madness).  Fourteen years down the line, dil has become a bacha (child). The other day, listening to Big 92.7 FM, suno sunao life banao, Sheru  came across yet another trait of the heart. dil tou bacha hai. Sheru had a hearty laugh. At least,bacha is better than pagal.


Does the heart really break? Well, the heart is highly elastic and cannot, therefore, break. It is always filled with blood. In fact blood comes in and goes out of the heart. It is made up of special tissue and is regarded as a modified blood vessel – half artery and half vein. There is hardly any space left for things like laive, hate, rancour and jealousy. This is why Sheru has been saying that dil should not be treated like a dustbin. It cannot hold anything except blood.

Poets are mainly responsible for this widespread badnaami of dil. Lyrics like  dil mein kisi key pyaar ka jalta hua diya, yeh dil yeh pagal dil mera, mera dil bhi kitna pagal hai, dil hai ki manta nahi,  meray dil mein aaj kya hai, dil ki awaaz bhi sunn…the list is endless. They are indebted to dil in a big way. But they ignore a harsh reality.  The heart cannot function without the brain. Can it stop beating on its own? Medical experts say it cannot. So when the brain tells it to stop beating, it gets what people call a heart attack or cardiac arrest. khuda ki panah, ye dimaagh kitna zalim hai! The dil never complains. It has got a terrible and tyrant master. Without registering protest, it obeys and obeys. pagal hai!