DAK alleges harassment of doctors during curfew

Srinagar: President DAK Dr Nisar ul Hassan Saturday slammed government forces for not allowing doctors and paramedics to reach hospitals .
“I received calls from doctors of valley saying that they have to face the wrath from security personnel .Some doctors were abused and humiliated while going for their professional duties. Doctors who manage to reach to hospitals do it at the cost of their lives. Cops are not honoring the identity cards of doctors which have to be taken as curfew passes as per government directions. This is human rights violation at its worst wherein doctors are treated inhumanly,” he said in a statement.
“Patients too have to face the brunt of clampdown. They are not allowed to go to hospitals for seeking consultation. Even sick patients are not spared. Ambulances are stopped thus delaying the treatment of critically sick patients. Admitted patients in hospitals face lot of inconvenience during curfew because of shortage of medicines and food,” he said.