Irrational use of antibiotics kills patients in Valley hospitals: DAK

SRINAGAR: Reacting to a recent report of World Health Organization (WHO) that antibiotic resistance is a worldwide threat, president DAK Dr Nisar ul Hassan said that patients are “dying of minor infections in our hospitals because of antibiotic resistance.”
“The antibiotic resistance is because of the emergence of resistant bugs and super bugs. Patients with simple infections like pneumonias, urinary tract infections, diarrhea, die in our hospitals because of antibiotic resistance,” Dr Nisar said in a statement here Friday.
He said pathogens like staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas, E.coli, have become resistant to all available antibiotics. Patients do not even respond to last resort antibiotics which is carbepenem, he said.
“This antibiotic resistance in our hospitals is because of lack of standard treatment protocols (STPs). STPs have to be different for different places depending upon the prevalence of pathogens and their sensitivity to antibiotics. STPs are accomplished by incessant research by institutions involving internists, microbiologists and pharmacologists,” Dr Nisar said.
“STP does not exist in our hospitals which is the root cause of antibiotic resistance leading to deaths. Lack of STPs leads to irrational and improper use of antibiotics which culminates in antibiotic resistance.
“This antibiotic resistance is compounded by lack of infection control protocols in our hospitals. So antibiotic resistance is an iatrogenic menace in our hospitals which is a serious concern because precious lives are lost,” he said.
Dr Nisar added: “We have no new antibiotics in future and we are running out of the existing ones. It is an eye opener for policy makers to act now in order to do away with this iatrogenic menace otherwise in near future people will die of throat infections.”