Yet another probe

Yet another youth fell to trigger happy CRPF men at Nawa Kadal and yet another Chief Minister responded by ordering a probe. The probes, people by and large believe are ordered to quell public protests. The `cynicism’ is not totally unfounded.  Successive state government’s have ordered as many as 130 probes into allegations of human rights violations since 1996.The probes, however, have not yielded anything. In fact, the number of probes has been directly proportional to the rights abuses. More probes more abuses. Dr Farooq Abdullah ruled the state for six years from 1996-2002. During this period he ordered as many as 40 probes. The trend continued in the PDP-Congress coalition regime. According to official data, 71 probes were ordered by the coalition government since November 2002 to August 2008. The officials said reports had been received in 29 cases and action taken against violators in 15 cases. In the remaining 14 cases, no action had been recommended by the authorities concerned. But according to independent sources action was taken in just six cases. But this is not something new. It has been happening here since 1963. On December 27, the Holy Relic was stolen from Hazratbal shrine. A probe was ordered but to this day, the findings were not made public.  A peoples League worker was killed in custody in 1975. A probe was ordered and the kith and kin of the deceased are still waiting for the findings.