Govt failed to utilise resources, generate employment: Sikh body

SRINAGAR: All Parties Sikh Coordination Committee (APSCC) has expressed dismay over the non-utilisation of resources that could have increased the employment opportunities for youth both of the majority and minority communities.
In a statement, Jagmohan Singh Raina, Chairman APSCC said that present coalition government failed to generate employment opportunities in the state. Raina said that jobs could have easily been provided to youth in different sectors. He said proper encouragement would have resulted into setting up of ventures by youth.
“There is a tremendous scope in the fisheries sector where lakhs of youth could have easily made their future bright. But failure on part of state government ensured that this positive development does not take place. Lack of initiatives from the people at helm has made lives of youth miserable irrespective of the communities they belong to,” said Raina.
APSCC Chairman said that in fisheries sector proper production and marketing of trout fish has not been done so far adding that same could have done wonders for the people more so youth. He said that there is a need for creation of Fisheries Corporation so that the trout fish is properly marketed in both national and international sector.
“The entire state of Jammu & Kashmir has abundant water resources and as such the production of fish is also great. But it is quite astonishing that we use stale fish coming from outside with nobody ready to tap the local fish market. Opportunities are also available in various other sectors like tourism and medicinal plants but the same needs seriousness which is lacking from the present coalition dispensation,” said Raina.
Raina said that political parties have always exploited sentiments of people especially youth for their own political means. He said the present coalition government has failed to come up to the expectations of youth with no broader policy for them.
“Leaders of political parties can go to any extent for their own political means. These people exploit the sentiments of youth by saying that they can even go to the other side if the genuine aspirations are not met. Same people can pass limits easily while hailing a person who does not deserve the same,” said APSCC Chairman.
Raina said that no focus has been laid on the economic development that in today’s world holds key to the overall development of a particular country or state. He said that economic empowerment of people is at lowest ebb due to the wrong approach and policies of the government.
“Like the youth of majority community youth belonging to minority community also suffer due to the wrong policies of the government. The people at helm lack vision and as such the youth see their future as bleak. The approach of ruling class is based more on politics with no programme for development and prosperity of the state,” said Raina.