Corruption no ground to stop promotion to employees: GoI

New Delhi: Employees facing probe or penalty in corruption charges can be considered for promotion by a Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC), the Indian government said Monday.
All the administrative authorities in the ministries or department are advised to place relevant records, including chargesheet, issued to the officer concerned, penalty imposed, etc, before the DPC which will decide the suitability of the officer for promotion keeping in view the general service records of the officer.
The DPC will also take into account the circumstances leading to the imposition of the chargesheet or penalty imposed on such an officer, it said.
“If such an officer is found suitable, promotion will be given effect after the currency of the penalty is over,” the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) said in a missive to all central government ministries issued Monday.
The DoPT has issued a series of guidelines to follow while convening DPC for promotion of the government servants on whom either penalty has been imposed or where there are adverse remarks in the Annual Confidential Reports (ACRs) and Annual Performance Assessment Reports (APARs).
DPCs enjoy full discretion to devise their own methods and procedures for objective assessment of the suitability of candidates who are to be considered by them, including those officers on whom penalty has been imposed, the DoPT said citing a 25-year-old circular.—PTI