Srinagar turning into ‘ugly’ city, says DDC

SRINAGAR: Taking a dig on SMC and SDA, District Development Commissioner (DDC), Farooq Ahmad Shah Sunday said Srinagar is turning into a ‘ugly’ city at faster rate with ‘uncalled’ growth and increasing traffic congestion taking toll on city’s beauty.
Speaking at a function here, Shah said that from many years the unplanned construction in the city has made the city to lose its charm and beauty.
“Srinagar has become ugly city. It is turning into ugly city because of unplanned construction, traffic congestion and other issues. And we have spoilt the water bodies ourselves. Nobody is polluting the environment but locals,” Shah said.
He also said the institutions in Jammu are far ahead as compared to the institution in Kashmir and the Valley is lagging behind in many aspects that of Jammu region.
“Today if we see institutions in Jammu are ahead of ours. Like JMC is better than SMC. Similarly JDA is better than SDA. Almost every department in the region works in well planned manner and execute their works far better way than here in valley,” the head of Srinagar civil administration said. Shah also claimed that if there wouldn’t have Jhelum River here then the major portion of city population would have consumed with dozens of diseases.
“The Jhelum River is acting as natural drain in absence of proper draining system in the city. The river saves the population from diseases,” he said.
He also said that water bodies in Kashmir have been badly polluted where these bodies have been encroached by people.
Shah also said that the consumption of adulterated foods in Kashmir valley has led to increase in cancer patients at alarming rate.
“Many reports by doctors say that the number of cancer patients in Kashmir is increasing day after day because of consuming of adulterated food items,” he said.
Stressing on the installation of STPs in hotels, he said by installing this system the fragile environment of Kashmir could be saved.
“We have to be proactive in our endeavors so that even courts can consider our demands. There are places where there is no space for STPs installations but it needs an approach to get your demand accepted,” he said.
He also said many people were saying that there shouldn’t be hotels on the banks of Dal Lake but if proper system can be placed then there is no harm of hotels already existing on its bank.
“If there will be proper system there is no harm to have hotels on the Dal lake banks. If we see Switzerland and Geneva have cleanest lakes with numerous hotels on their banks but they have proper management and system,” he added.