Delhi, Mumbai have best value 5-star hotels globally: Report

MUMBAI: Delhi ranked number one for best deals in five-star hotels in 2013 with average prices of Rs 9,652 per night, followed by Mumbai at the second place with Rs 9,809, according to a report by
“Delhi offered travellers the best deal on five-star accommodation with average prices of Rs 9,652 a night in 2013. Mumbai followed in the second place with Rs 9,809,” the Hotel Price Index (HPI) said.
The Chinese city of Guangzhou was the third best with Rs 9,812 per night, the report revealed.
Brussels, the capital city of Belgium, secured the fourth place with Rs 10,144, while Berlin in Germany ranked fifth with Rs 11,386.
When it came to deals on four-star hotels, the prices in Delhi and Mumbai were relatively competitive, the report said.
Delhi ranked fourth with Rs 6,555 per night, while Mumbai was at fifth position with Rs 7,010 in the four-star category.
Bangkok (Thailand) offered the best price with Rs 5,933 a night, followed by Budapest in Hungary with Rs 6,375. Guangzhou ranked third with Rs 6,553 the report pointed out.
The report further stated that it was still less expensive to stay in a four-star hotel in Delhi than a three-star property in 24 of the most popular destinations. —PTI