1952: US Envoy in Pak Cables Washington

“(The) Foreign Minister (of Pakistan) told me this afternoon (that) a meeting of (the) GOP (Government of Pakistan) Cabinet was called this morning to discuss Graham’s report. (The) PM is still ill, suffering from shingles, and (the) Foreign Minister, who presided, told his colleagues he is not yet prepared to formulate recommendations for (a) Cabinet decision. He expects (that the) PM will recuperate sufficiently to hold (a) meeting in (the) next two or three days.

Then Zafrullah went on to indicate what he proposes to present for Cabinet action.

  •  1. The Graham recommendations must be accepted. There is no sound basis for their rejection. There is no realistic alternative to their acceptance.
  •  2. (a) Pakistan will be glad to have Nimitz come into the picture as Plebiscite Administrator. They believe (that the) GOI (Government of India) does not want him, because they do not want a plebiscite, also they are playing up their closer cooperation with (the) US, and fear (that their) criticisms of Nimitz might arouse American antagonism.
  •  (b) Pakistan is not agreeable to having Nimitz collaborate with Graham except as Plebiscite Administrator because of possible adverse effect on his subsequent designation. But if Graham insists (that) he needs Nimitz’s collaboration on points other than establishing the quantum of troops prior to demilitarization, they will not object.
  •  3. (a) GOP will agree to continue negotiations with Graham in New York and will send a deputation including a mil(itary) adviser as soon as the date is fixed.
  •  (b ) GOP will insist on a prior assurance from Graham before agreeing to continued negotiations that he will seek an agreement on quantum of troops and that if he fails to obtain agreement from both sides he will so report to the SC (Security Council) and terminate his negotiations.

Zafrullah said his colleagues are disposed to believe that Graham is an old man of the sea with his legs locked around the neck of Kashmir and will never let go. They cannot hold their people off with continued conversations without risking violent reaction.

Zafrullah says he will not ask them to agree to further negotiations unless Graham in this next attempt obtains agreement on troop quantum.