‘Renegade’ Rashid has no right to criticize pro-freedom leadership: JKLF, Hurriyat (M)

Srinagar: A day after pro-India politician and MLA, Engineer Abdul Rashid Sheikh labeled JKLF chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik and Hurriyat Conference (M) chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq as “Indian agents,” the JKLF and the Hurriyat slammed him and described him as an “agent of Indian army and a political renegade whose history is full of contradictions and betrayals.”
“Political renegade Rashid Sheikh is a stooge who is deputed to damage and harm the resistance movement and its worthy leadership. His credentials are well known to all Kashmiris and he is no more than a political joker,” JKLF’s district Kupwara president Rafiq Ahmad War said in a statement.
War added: “It is ironical that a man, who is symbol of betrayals, who has been from a long time acting as an agent of Indian army and agencies is issuing certificates of loyalties and resistance here at large…This man was an ordinary worker of a constituent of united Hurriyat Conference and then changed his color like a chameleon and at the behest of Indian army joined mujahideen while acting as an informer of Indian army.
“Rashid Sheikh used to provide information of mujahideen to army and agencies and after this exposed, authorities placed him in safe custody and he was sent to jail where his role remained the same. After his release he was awarded the MLAship for his services to the Indian army and agencies where he has been assigned the job of raising human rights issues to keep resistance away from this front also.
“In 2006 he was also awarded the chairmanship of a school run by Rajiv Gandhi Foundation under the banner of Help Foundation for the same anti-Kashmiri and anti-movement services that Rashid has been doing since his political career.”
Rashid, while addressing his party workers at Town Hall Kunzer in Tangmarg town on Friday, had said that Yasin Malik “has opened a shop in the name of Maqbool Bhat whereas Delhi utilises Mirwaiz (Umar Farooq) to abuse Syed Ali Geelani. Geelani is the real leader of ongoing freedom movement.”
Rashid “should be asked how he is talking about resistance leaders like Mohammad Yasin Malik when he himself is in the Indian assembly, taking oath under the constitution of India and now contesting its parliamentary elections,” War said. “This man should be asked who is financing him and why?”
“In 2004 when whole world was praising the historical signature campaign of JKLF, it was this man who at the behest of his Indian masters tried to make that campaign controversial. Now when JKLF chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik and his party along with other resistance leaders have run the boycott campaign with full force and that campaign has succeeded, his Indian masters have again assigned him the job of issuing absurd statements against some resistance leaders especially Yasin sahib,” the JKLF leader added.
He said that this “political renegade through (latest) statement has revealed the level of frustration and he is also trying to fuel confrontation between resistance leadership and hence is trying to kill two birds with one stone.”
War said that JKLF is the organization of Mohammad Maqbool Butt and it is not appropriate for an “agent like Rashid Sheikh to take the sacred name of Maqbool Sahib.” He said, “Rashid Sheikh must know that JKLF and its leadership has dealt with every criticism with utmost peaceful approach and humbleness but at the same time JKLF and its leadership knows fully how to deal with political renegades like him. Yasin Malik is the pioneer of the present struggle for freedom and it is he and his party JKLF that chased the armed renegades in Islamabad, Kupwara, Hajin, Sonawari and other parts of Jammu Kashmir, and with the grace of Allah Almighty will keep chasing political renegades like Rashid Sheikh in future also.”
Meanwhile, the Hurriyat (M) has also strongly condemned MLA Rashid’s statement and said that a “political renegade and turncoat like Rashid who in his current avatar has taken an oath of allegiance to the Indian constitution and swears by it has no moral ethical or political ground to speak anything with regard to pro-freedom leadership.”
“The rubbish that he has uttered is actually an electoral gimmick and a ploy to gather votes for the parliamentary elections that he is shamelessly contesting,” a Hurriyat spokesman said in a statement to Kashmir Reader.
The spokesman added that to gain cheap publicity for himself, MLA Rashid could stoop to any level as is evident from his present and past utterances. He said that although the people of Kashmir are politically mature enough to see through such designs and mischievous statements, yet they need to be cautious of such elements “who have deliberately been planted in our midst by the agencies and who are being paid for it.”

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  1. King Stat   May 5, 2014 at 6:02 am

    Keep it up Tikoo ji: your mud-filled brain will ensure hatred against your ilk permeates all across.
    Kashmiri Hindus do not need JKL they have Tikoos!

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    Rants and rants and more RANTS from the PIGS of the JKLF…. hahahahaha….. what a laugh and COMEDY it is to see these PIGS ranting at each other, while they enjoy themselves like PIGS in the mud…!!!