Puzzling logic at work: Omar on PM’s brother joining BJP

Srinagar: Chief Minister Omar Abdullah Saturday said the euphoria in BJP over roping in Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s “unknown” brother Daljit Singh Kohli showed mind-boggling logic at work.
“The PM weakens the UPA, yet somehow we are to believe that his unknown brother will strengthen BJP. Mind-boggling logic at work here!” Omar wrote on micro-blogging site twitter.com.
Referring to BJP’s criticism of Singh as a weak Prime Minister, Omar said the national opposition party cannot have it both ways.
“The BJP goes to town calling the PM irrelevant, yet makes a song & dance of his brother joining them. How can they have it both ways?” he questioned.
Singh’s half-brother, Daljit Singh Kohli, yesterday joined BJP in the presence of its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi.
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh meanwhile said he was saddened by the decision of his half-brother to join BJP.
“I feel very sad. I have no control. They are all adults,” he said while replying to queries on the sidelines of the Padma awards function here.