Mufti calls NC ‘collaborators’

Srinagar: Opposition Peoples Democratic Party Patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed Saturday accused the ruling National Conference leaders of acting as collaborators of the Government of India in hurting interests of Jammu and Kashmir.
“Ever since Independence, National Conference has performed the dubious role of collaborating with the Centre in bartering the state’s political and economic interests for power,” Sayeed said at election rallies in Budgam district.
“While the voters of our state have little influence in determining who forms the government at the Centre, what is more important is who represents them in the Parliament to be able to deal with very serious issues facing J&K,” he said.
Sayeed said as the NC leaders have nothing to show by way of performance or a vision for 21st century J&K, they have adopted a multi-level scare strategy to mislead voters.
“While the party’s Modi-PDP nexus rhetoric is their substitution for a manifesto, enforced boycott is their ground strategy for manipulating polls,” he said.
He said PDP on the other hand transformed the political discourse in J&K by piloting successfully and with conviction the crucial issues concerning the state and its people.
Sayeed said PDP has not only put the Kashmir issue in a specific and rational political and economic context, but also laid strong foundations for its peaceful resolution in the emerging scenario of regional and global political realities.