1964: Blitz Dubs Sher-e-Kashmir British Agent

In its April 24 edition in 1964, the Blitz, a prominent weekly from Bombay, published a comprehensive article in which Sheikh Abdullah was dubbed as a British Agent. In the article, original documents in the form of secret correspondence and letters were published, exposing what the magazine called Sheikh Abdullah’s antinational activities.

Dr. H.L. Saxena has included the entire Blitz article in his book, The Tragedy of Kashmir.

The documents, the magazine said, pertained to the Kashmiri leader’s early political life:
“Bombay: The Blitz is now in possession of a mass of sensational and scalding documents which lift the heavy veil covering the early political career of Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah.
On studying them, we are staggered at the amount of evidence-mostly in Abdullah’s own language – which could lead to the following conclusion:
Sheikh Abdullah began his political career in collusion with and with the full patronage of the political service of the then British Government of India.
It is common knowledge that the Anglo-Indian Political Service was mainly the machine of Intelligence Agents. British and Indian -specially trained and recruited by British Imperialism to keep India enslaved.
These documents came in our possession on the eve of the Sheikh’s departure to Saudi Arabia for his professed Haj pilgrimage. We decided to await his return home before we published them, so as to offer him an opportunity to deny their authenticity and clear his name.”

1993: Indian Airlines Aircraft Hijacked
An Indian Airlines’ aircraft, bound for Srinagar from Delhi via Jammu, was
hijacked by HuM activist Obaidullah. He wanted to take the plane to Lahore but Pakistan aviation authorities refused him permission to land. The airliner finally landed at Amritsar where the hijacker was killed.