Modi denies sending emissary to Geelani

New Delhi: Narendra Modi on Tuesday denied sending any emissary to meet Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani and said he was surprised over media reports in this regard.
“I am surprised. Where did it come from?… I do not even know their names…Now it seems it has been clarified by the persons concerned that they were not my representatives,” he said on a Hindi news channel.
Modi was replying when asked whether he had taken any initiative to talk to Kashmiri pro-freedom groups as Geelani had claimed recently that two persons met him on his behalf.
With regard to Pakistan, he was asked whether he would have a “tough” policy if he becomes the Prime Minister as he has been accusing the UPA government of being weak.
In his reply, he said, “We want to run the country in a manner that nobody dares to threaten us. We also will not threaten anybody. The world cannot run by threats or by cowing down to threats. Dialogue should be on equal terms. In the international affairs, you can command respect only through his approach.”
Asked whether he would go to the US if he becomes the Prime Minister since he has not been given visa so far, Modi described it as a “loaded question” and said “the mandate will be for working for the country.”
When referred to Rahul Gandhi’s accusation that his government in Gujarat is being run by Adani and Ambani and the same would be replicated at the centre, he termed it as a “political allegation” and said “the 14 years of my track record as Chief Minister will speak.”
He said that earlier, “brokers” would roam about in the corridors of the Secretariat but “now no broker is able to go there. Now people can say that there is one government which cannot be suppressed or bought.”—PTI