Justice to riot victims, not the skull cap, is important: Jamiat leader

NEW DELHI: Siding with Narendra Modi for not accepting skull cap, leading Muslim leader Maulana Mahmood Madani has said such an act amounts to “politics of symbolism“.
Maulana Madani, however, said the Gujarat Chief Minister should take steps to mend relations with the community by ensuring justice to those affected in 2002 riots so that a “relationship can be built.”
“It is alright for Modi to not accept a skull cap as even I will not sport a tilak… Accepting or wearing skull cap is politics of symbolism and political parties should desist from doing such things. By resorting to this, the pseudo-secular parties merely show-off.
“Instead they should look at solving problems of the community,” Maulana Madani, who is the general-secretary of Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind, said.
Modi had sparked off a controversy after he refused to accept a skull cap few years back. In a recent interview, he sought to justify his act saying he does not believe in “politics of appeasement.”
Asked on what steps should Modi take if he has to better his relations with the community, Maulana Madani said he has to first ensure justice to the 2002 Gujarat riot victims.
“The onus is on him (Modi) to mend the relations. He has a history of 12 years, which speaks for itself.
But what he should do is ensure that those affected by the 2002 communal riots get justice. If that is done, a relationship can be built,” he added.—PTI