Why didn’t Mufti Sayeed stop execution of Maqbool Bhat when he was state Congress chief, asks Sajad Lone

SRINAGAR: People’s Conference chairman Sajad Gani Lone on rebutted PDP patron Mufti Mohammed Sayeed’s claims that had he been Chief Minister he would have not allowed the execution of Mohammad Afzal Guru to take place.
Lone questioned Mufti Sayeed as to why he wasn’t able to stop the execution of Maqbool Bhat when he enjoyed the highest office of Congress party in the state. He also condemned both PDP and ruling National Conference for resorting to “manipulation and gross distortion of facts to exploit the people of Kashmir.”
“Not only is it a mockery of the people and a belittling of their intellect but also unabashed dementia on the part of the two parties. While they may conveniently gloss over their bloodied past, the people of Kashmir are reminiscent of the treachery and bloodbath instigated by both Mufti and the Abdullah clan. While taking collective credit for everything in Kashmir the two parties must undertake a reality check and realise that it is because of the sacrifices of the people that any forward movement took place,” Lone, according to a statement said while addressing “thousands of youth” in northern Kupwara district.
Lone said, “Mufti needs to take a realistic assessment and burst the bubble of self-created grandeur and acknowledge the role of a post 9/11 political situation, the India-Pakistan peace process and the role of the requisite leadership in New Delhi and Islamabad before showering all credit on himself. While boasting of highest offices it will be well for him to remember his deeds while enjoying the offices in the form of recommending AFSPA, the designation of Jagmohan and the defence of security forces action in the Kunan-Poshpora rape case. As for NC the less said the better. The latest stunt of the patron Farooq Abdullah being a vivid example. It may have been a trivial metaphor for the NC but it cost a precious human life. This has but been the modus operandi of the NC all along: to encourage violence, create a fear psychosis and watch as the killings increase corresponding with the increase in the NC’s fortunes.”