Exchange of hostile statements between Mirwaiz, Geelani ‘extremely painful’: Yasin Malik

Srinagar: A day after Hurriyat Conference (M) chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq accused Hurriyat (G) chief Syed Ali Geelani of trying to be “godfather and sole conscience keeper of Kashmir’s freedom movement,” JKLF chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik on Sunday termed the exchange of hostile statements between Geelani and Mirwaiz as “most unfortunate” and said that at a time when resistance camp is engaged in a rigorous election boycott campaign, “this disorder and anarchy will benefit none but pro-India parties and politicians.”
Malik, who is in police custody from last four days, in a statement said, “At a time when resistance camp is engaged in exposing the futility of Indian elections, when many leaders and youth are languishing in jails, police stations and torture cells, people are regrouping around the resistance camp and are expressing their love, faith and devotion with the movement, this disorder and making it public through hostile statements is extremely painful.”
Malik said that when election boycott launched by the pro-freedom camp is gaining momentum, “these hostile statements can actually bring leniency in the determination of people and even the resolve of political workers and activists in resistance camp can get shattered because of this hostility.”
He said that these differences “can be and should be resolved in closed rooms, but if our worthy leaders still think of putting them in public domain they should at least keep the timings in consideration, and at this important time our whole hearted efforts and energies should be spend on apprising people about the ill-consequences of Indian elections and importance of boycotting them.”
Malik said that people of Kashmir have “shown a positive attitude towards the boycott campaign and at this crucial juncture of history our internal differences will only benefit India and its puppets in Kashmir. Therefore I appeal to worthy leaders to show restraint and stop adverse statements and hostilities.”
“We all must also take a note of Indian media and channels which always black out the news of resistance and killings in Kashmir, but today are giving long times and prime space for differences between resistance leaders and are trying to widen the gap between us,” Malik said.
Respect each other’s views: KCSDS
A civil society body, the Kashmir Centre for Social and Development Studies (KCSDS), on Sunday urged the pro-freedom camp to accommodate each other’s views “with decency, tolerance and magnanimity.”
A KCSDS spokesperson said in a statement, “We the concerned members of civil society have taken a serious note of the unsavoury goings-on in the political sphere of the pro-freedom camp. We have noticed with grave concern the public articulation of differences among the various leaders of the freedom movement.
“We are conscious of the fact that the leaders hold their respective ideological views with sincerity and honesty. However, we beseech them not to go public in intemperate language against one another.
“We request them to accommodate each other’s views with decency, tolerance and magnanimity and respond to each other with dignity and civility.
“We make this appeal to them to spare the general public from unnecessary anguish and pain as a consequence of their acrimonious squabbles.”

One Response to "Exchange of hostile statements between Mirwaiz, Geelani ‘extremely painful’: Yasin Malik"

  1. Tickoo   April 21, 2014 at 1:12 am

    So the whole kitten-kaboodle has come out in the open!!! Hahahahahaha.. what a LAUGH indeed! And the best part of all is that, this man Yasin Malik who at one time symbolized the IDEAL MAN (MARD, as we say in Urdu) to lead Kashmir to so-called “victory” over Indian Army in the early 1990s is now reduced to WEEPING in front of the Hurriyat via the press…. what a SHAME SHAME indeed… he may as well wear BANGLES and a BURQA on his way out of whatever police station he is currently being held at, nobody will notice the difference! So THIS is what the so-called “freedom movement” has been reduced to — like a bunch of middle-aged women squabbling over domestic trifles in the gutter-gullies of Srinagar (or wherever else in India!) … talk about washing the dirty linen in public… I think that the “public” will give a befitting reply to these FRAUDS of so-called “leaders” like Yasin Malik and send them to where they belong, come May 15th…. to HELL.