Sheru Does Not Care

Surfing the net a few years ago, Sheru came across a report in a local newspaper.  It said: “With the Valley experiencing a sudden dip in temperature and summer heat fading from our memories, offices and households are trying to reach for heating systems. One of the oldest heating devices, the hard-coke bukhari is witnessing the lowest ever demand this winter season. The makers of bukhari are facing tough times as offices and homes are switching over to new heating systems.”

Good God! How can bukharis be out of demand at any point of time? Sheru fails to understand. The dukhi story did not end here. The news report also spoke about a wholesale dealer of bukharis!  Bukharis, as far as Sheru knows, are very rare. They have their roots in Bukhara and are held in high esteem.

The blasphemous report went further: “Manufacturers admit that the bukhari acts as a polluting agent and is harmful to health, but claim there are methods available now that can make them safer.”

Interestingly, the report was carried by a newspaper owned and edited by a Bukhari who happens to be a very good friend of Sheru. How did he clear the news for publication? He may have proved his impartiality, but impartiality of this magnitude is not desirable and can turn dangerous at times. But then, he is the boss, and the boss is always right.

Sheru’s former editor had a set of rules for employees. Rule Number 9 was the most important. It said the boss was always right.  There was also Rule Number 10, which read: “When the boss is not right, refer to Rule Number 9.” So the boss is never wrong.

Allah Raham Karay.  Bukharis have acted as purifying agents since their arrival in the Valley. Nobody can deny this.

But if earlier imputations were not enough, the news report in question crossed another limit: “The material used for making these bukharis has also witnessed a price hike.”  What in the name of heavens was this reporter talking about? Did he mean that older bukharis were made of different material?

Sheru does not intend to discourage the young reporter who filed the news report. He must have a good sense of humor like Sheru. Fortunately he had not connected bukhari to Kashmiri culture or Kashmiriyat. Sheru would hate him for that.

Yes, kangri has played a role in promoting what some people call Kashmiriyat and Kashmiri culture. Sheru has his own definition of Kashmiriyat. For him, it means resistance that Kashmiris have offered to external aggression.  Some good people do not like Sheru for that. They know Sheru does not care.