‘Silence akin to betrayal with freedom movement’

Srinagar: United Jihad Council (UJC) chief Syed Sallahudin has said that pro-freedom and religious groups maintaining silence on “the sham elections” should realize that their “inaction will tantamount to a pro-India stance and betrayal with Kashmir’s freedom movement.”
In a statement from Muzaffarabad, the UJC chief said that elections held under the presence of “seven lakh troops in Jammu and Kashmir have no relevance or credibility.”
“However, India tries to sell these elections as a vote in favour of its illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir and the best way to negate this propaganda is to stay from the sham process,” he said
“People who participate in these elections despite knowing these facts are committing open treason with the freedom movement for which lakhs of people have laid down their lives,” he said.
The UJC chief in a statement said that pro freedom outfits and religious bodies which are yet to start a poll boycott campaign should immediately step up their activities in this regard. “Otherwise, the tag of treachery on them will not fade till the Day of Judgment.” he said.