PMSSS scam: CCA condemns AICTE for ignoring students from general courses

Srinagar: The Coaching Centres Association (CCA) of Kashmir has questioned the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) for issuing a ‘lopsided’ list of eligible candidates for Prime Minister Special Scholarship Scheme (JKPMSSS) 2012-13 wherein majority of candidates are from professional courses, leaving students from general courses high and dry.
In a statement here Friday, the association alleged that the slow working AICTE is playing with the career of hundreds of Kashmiri students who have been thrown out of their colleges due to non-availability of scholarship since 2012. AICTE last week had released list IV of eligible candidates for JKPMSSS 2012-13, who were earlier declared ineligible.
“We were surprised to see the long awaited list. Out of 222 candidates only 12 have been taken from general courses and rest are from medical and engineering fields,” said G N Var, chairman CCA.
The association demanded that AICTE come clean on their modus operandi. “These candidates from professional courses were first declared ineligible as they were from private quota of colleges, whereas general courses students were declared ineligible as some NGOs were late in submitting their documents,” said Var.
“We are not against any student but justice demands that general courses students should have been given preference or at least the list should have equal number of students from both the categories.”
The association said that the students from general courses needed minimal verification for becoming eligible as against thorough and time consuming process for professional courses students.
The association expressed apprehension that some powerful lobby might have influenced the list to include only the MBBS and Engineering students from some well off families. “The general courses students are from BPL families, they don’t have such connections and influence,” said Var.
“The scheme was already hijacked by suspicious NGOs and touts and we fear they are still at work and trying to benefit a particular class.”
The association demanded that AICTE clear the backlog immediately by releasing scholarship to all deserving students. “Our students are on roads and some in Rajasthan are living in mosques and gurudwaras,” said Var. “Despite government nod, it is only AICTE that is going slow over the release of scholarship.”
“The state Crime Branch should also complete the investigation into the role of NGOs and touts in this scheme and book the culprits who destroyed career of thousands of students,” said Var.