1931: Authorities Ban Eid Sermon in Jammu

On April 19, 1931, authorities imposed a ban on the Eid sermon in Jammu. Local Muslims protested strongly, and the city witnessed angry demonstrations for days. This was followed by the desecration of the Holy Quran at the hands of Dogra forces which sparked outrage among Muslims across the state. In Srinagar, people gathered at the Jamia Masjid to denounce the sacrilege. Another gathering took place at the Khanaqah-e-Mua’lla where prominent Kashmiris delivered speeches. When the meeting concluded, one youth, Abdul Qadeer, pointing to the Maharaja’s palace, shouted “tear it down brick by brick.” He was arrested immediately on charges of sedition. Qadeer was to be given a public trial, but due to mass resentment over his arrest, the court was shifted to the Central Jail in Srinagar.
On July 13, 1931, Dogra forces opened fire on people gathered outside the jail demanding to witness the trial. The attack left 22 Kashmiris dead on the spot. The martyrs were taken to the Jamia Masjid and finally laid to rest in the precincts of the Naqshband Sahib shrine, the tract now known as the Martyrs’ Graveyard.

1948: Sir Zafarullah Wants Pak Army in Kashmir
Discussions on the Kashmir issue began in the Security Council over a new resolution put forward by its six member countries. The Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Sir Muhammad Zafarullah Khan, urged to station the Pakistan army in Kashmir along with Indian forces during a possible plebiscite in the contested region.