NC might target even its own workers to create panic: Mehbooba

Srinagar: Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) president Mehbooba Mufti Wednesday said ruling National Conference was desperate to create fear and insecurity among people and disturb peace in Kashmir as a last bid to keep voters away from polling stations.
Addressing various meetings in Shopian and Wachi segments of Anantanag parliamentary constituency, Mehbooba said the ruling party “which is sensing its rout could go to any extent and might even target its own workers in order to create panic and fear among political parties.”
“They have always thrived on insecurity and at this crucial juncture when the NC feels its very existence as a political party is threatened it might target anyone while it has launched a wild and baseless propaganda against PDP to create a camouflage for its desperate action,” she said.
“The ‘qurbani’(sacrifice) that NC always quotes as having offered for Kashmir is actually the blood of those thousands of people whom it misled into losing their life and pushing them into sufferings under the banner of ‘Raishumari’ and later secure power for itself,” she said.
“Till 1975 innocent people of Kashmir were made to contribute sacrificial hide skins and jewelry for the plebiscite movement but it all ended up in the creation of a new Maharaja family in the state, which inflicted worse atrocities on the people than even by the feudal rulers,” she said.