KP group announces ‘Kousar Naag yatra’

JAMMU: All Parties Migrants’ Coordination Committee, a body of Kashmiri Pandits, has announced its yatra calendar for this year in which the “historic ‘Kousar Naag yatra’ is also being organised for the first time after decades.”
The Kousar Naag (Kramsar-Vishnupaad) yatra from Kashmir side has been added to the yatra calendar of APMCC which will be conducted for the first time from Kongwatan side after decades, yatra coordinator of APMCC Amit Raina said Wednesday.
The yatra will be organised on ‘Naag Panchami’ from July 30 to August 3, the details of which will be produced later, he said.
The yatra which is also going on from Jammu side for the last four years is being organised from July 30 too and the pilgrims from both sides will meet at Kousar Nag on Naag Panchami, Raina said.