1952: US Envoy at UN Cables Washington

“(The) UK Delegation has received (a) report from (the) UKHC (UK High Commission in) Karachi similar to that contained in Karachi’s (telegram) 1178 and instructions from Foreign Office to talk to Graham along lines similar to those suggested in Deptel (State Department Telegram) 388. (The) UK Delegation also had (a) report on (the) Bowles–Bajpai conversation (New Delhi 3732). Since Jebb had (fixed a) date to see Graham at noon today, the USUN (US Mission at UN) felt it unnecessary for us to convey similar information and views separately to Graham.

1994: Farooq Says Failed To Weed Out Corruption
In an interview in New Delhi on April 15, 1994, Dr Farooq Abdullah said, “We were unable to create jobs, to stop corruption. We were unable to provide factories and power generating stations. At each stage we were not given the help which we envisaged when we joined hands with the Congress… what can I do? There are 3,000 engineers looking for jobs even after we gave jobs to 2,000 in the last two years.”

2011: State BJP Asks MLAs to Resign
A day after BJP legislators in Jammu and Kashmir voted in favour of the National Conference during Legislative Council elections, the right-wing party’s leadership in New Delhi sought the resignation of all its eleven MLAs in the state’s lower house.
Defying the party whip, seven BJP MLAs had voted for NC candidates. The cross-voting cost the party its reputation and integrity. The seven MLAs were later put under suspension, but the BJP chose not to expel them.