Why do Kashmiris’ hearts beat for Pak: MLA Rashid to Delhi

Anantnag: Stating that abrogation of Article 370 was a non-issue for Kashmiris, chairman of the Awami Itihad Party and MLA Langate, Sheikh Abdul Rashid on Thursday urged New Delhi to “introspect why hearts of Kashmiris beat for Pakistan.”
“These days a heated debate is going on over the special position of Kashmir under the Indian constitution. But I want to make it clear that whether Article 370 is abrogated or left untouched is a non-issue for Kashmiris. They simply want resolution of the Kashmir issue as per UN resolutions,” Rashid told a rally at Wazir Bagh here.
He said that India “should introspect why hearts of Kashmiris beat for Pakistan.”
“Kashmiri students go outside to study under Prime Minister’s Special Scholarship Scheme, and when it is cricket match between India and Pakistan they celebrate over Pak victory. Later they are booked for sedition. At home or outside, hearts of Kashmiris beat for Pakistan. So India should see the writing on the wall,” he said.
“Fearing defeat India is shying away from holding a referendum in Kashmir. Indian has been keeping Kashmiris hostage 63 years,” he said.
Later talking to reporters, Rashid said that his party has no election manifesto other than “fighting for right to self-determination of Kashmiris”.
“If elected to the Parliament I will seek right to self-determination for Kashmiris. I will also fight for the return of remains of Afzal Guru. I will represent the wishes of Kashmiris the way I did in Assembly during last five years,” he said.
Asked why he did not resign after Guru was hanged last year, Rashid that both PDP and NC were “waiting for such a decision on my part.”
“Since I had always exposed both these parties on the floor of the House they were waiting for my resignation. I was the only voice there. Had I also opted for resignation it would have given a breather to both NC and PDP,” Rashid said.
On his allegations that fuel worth lakhs of rupees has been drawn in his name, Rashid said, “I have a lodged complaint with the Chief Secretary and he has assured me he would look into the matter seriously. I am waiting for his action. If he fails to do anything I will move the court soon after the elections are over.”

One Response to "Why do Kashmiris’ hearts beat for Pak: MLA Rashid to Delhi"

  1. Tickoo   April 11, 2014 at 10:42 am

    India and Indians basically do NOT CARE if the “hearts of Kashmiris beat for Pakistan” … in fact they welcome it! Why? Because Indians consider anyone supporting Pakistan as traitors and if they can have the slightest excuse to BEAT THEM TO PULP then that is most welcome. Kashmiris whose “hearts beat for Pakistan” are considered as the LEFTOVERS and the rubbish refuse of events of 1947, and the more that Indians get to BEAT such Kashmiris TO PULP, the more they enjoy at their expense and the more fun they have…. good entertainment all round for India!!