Govt withholding dues worth Rs 150 crore: Contractors

SRINAGAR: J&K government has withheld Rs 150 crore worth bills of contractors despite the closure of financial year, Jammu Kashmir Contractors Central Coordination Committee (JKCCCC) Wednesday alleged.
Contractors said treasuries in the Valley have been running ‘dry’ from last 15 days.They also alleged that that the money was being used for the elections purposes while as they have been left high and dry as bills worth Rs 150 crore were pending with the government.
“The bills of hundreds of contractors working with different departments of the state have not been cleared. The money is being drained out for the elections process,” said general secretary of JKCCCC, Farooq Dar.
Dar said bills worth Rs 150 crore of the contractors were pending with the government, and alleged that ‘officials’ at the treasuries failed to clear bills due to ‘financial crunch excuse’.
Dar accused Finance Minister, Abdul Rahim Rather for deliberately creating the financial crunch to ‘keep financial commissioner of India in good books’.
Contractors said that the pendency would hit the ongoing development projects hard and all the projects will come to screeching halt.
“If bills of contractors are not cleared at the earliest, all the projects will come to halt,” said Dar.
JKPCCCC said despite the completion of works allotted to the contractors by the departments including Finance, Planning and Works in time, the hundreds of bills are pending with the government.
JKPCCCC said contractors are made to visit to the treasuries every now and then for no use.
Dar threatened that contractors would go for ‘strike’ if ‘outstanding’ is not cleared in 10 days period.