1952: Sheikh Abdullah Speaks in RS Pora

Addressing a gathering in this border area in Jammu with a sizeable Hindu population, Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah said: “We have acceded to India in regard to defence, foreign affairs and communications in order to ensure a sort of internal autonomy… If our right to shape our destiny is challenged and if there is resurgence of communalism in India, how are we to convince the Muslims in Kashmir that India does not intend to swallow us?”

1965: Kashmir’s Sadr-e-Riyasat Becomes Governor
The Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir was amended and the terms Sadar-e-Riyasat and Wazir-e- Azam changed to Governor and Chief Minister.

1990: H L Khera Killed
HL Khera, an officer at the HMT unit in Srinagar, was shot dead in the vicinity of the police headquarters. He had been abducted by militants who had demanded the release of three jailed associates for his return. The police said that a man had been pushed out of a vehicle, and fired at by the occupants, near the police headquarters.

1993: Lal Chowk Massacre
Four persons were killed when the BSF opened indiscriminate fire in the heart of the city, Lal Chowk. Troopers later torched most of the otherwise bustling commercial centre, destroying 59 houses, 190 shops, 53 godowns and 2 office complexes. The incident sparked off severe anger.
Those killed were identified as Shishi Chouralsy, Rahool Chouralsy, and Mudasir (14), all of who m had fallen to bullets, and Bashir Ahmed Tantry, 30, a waiter, who was charred to death.