Private schools in Srinagar better than public schools, reveals KU study

SRINAGAR: Children studying in private schools in Srinagar are more creative than their counterparts from government-run schools, a study has revealed.
To understand the factors affecting the creativity levels between the private and government schoolchildren (7th-10th grades) in the city, the study was undertaken by Institute of Home Science, University of Kashmir.
The study was conducted on a sample of students—both male and female—studying in different government and private Schools of Srinagar between the age group 13-16. The data was collected through random sampling with the help of Non-Verbal test of creativity that includes three sub-tests: a) Picture construction activity, b) Incomplete figure activity, c) triangles and ellipses activity.
The study revealed that variation in the school environment was major factor affecting the creative abilities of the children of government schools. The lack of opportunities, facilities and encouragement hampered the creative potentials of students in government schools, the study says.
“Children from private schools scored more than government school children in picture construction activity which may be attributed to the fact that school environment influences the creative abilities among children. The lack of sufficient opportunities and encouragement in government schools affected the creative abilities among children,” the study states.
The study also says that the failure in recognizing, identifying and nurturing the hidden talent and play which has educative and diagnostic value is ignored and even neglected in government schools.
The lack of proper facilities within the government schools also creates impediments in creative potentials among children.
“Regarding impact of school environment on incomplete figures activity of creative test, the students of private school were ahead of government school children,” says the study.
Further, gender as a variable could not make any difference among the students. “Gender does not have impact on picture on the different activities of creative test…Both boys and girls were found to be equally creative.”