Govt arbitarily diverting funds from Kashmir to Jammu: KEA

SRINAGAR: Blaming pro-India National Conference and Peoples Dempcratic Party for collaborating with Congress against the interest of Kashmir, the Kashmir Economic Alliance, an umbrella of Valley based traderes organisations, Tuesday said governemnt is arbitarly diverting funds ment for Kashmir division to Jammu division.

The KEA has taken an extreme exception in regard to arbitrary diversion of funds to Jammu at the cost of Kashmir, chairman of KEA, Mohammad Yasin Khan said in a statement issued here.
“As has been recently made to public that the state government has allocated Jammu a disproportionate share of funds under Central Roads Funds Program to the tune of Rs 94 cores out of Rs 109 cores leaving Kashmir with only 15 corers,” said, adding, “This is a sheer discrimination towards the Valley on account of allocation of funds.”
While blaming all Congress and non-Congress governments in the state for discriminating against Kashmir “everywhere and in every manner”, Khan said Congress has been able to manipulate a space in the state where it can dictate terms to other parties may it be its coalition partner NC or PDP.
“Unfortunately other parties (NC or PDP) play like puppets in their hands for the lust of power and cannot afford to protect the interests of Kashmir and the people of Kashmir who have voted them to the power,” Khan said.
Chief spokesperson of the KEA, Siraj Ahmad said, NC and PDP prefer to form coalitions with the Congress and ‘try to be more loyal than the kings, while trapmling upon the rights of Kashmirirs. He said time has come for both NC and PDP to think of Kashmir and the people of Kashmir. “If they don’t, they will be wiped out by their own erestwhile supporters. Both PDP and NC should now stand for Kashmir and the rights of the Kashmir otherwise it can prove very late for them,” Ahmad said.
When Kashmir deserves more considerations both from state government and government of India as it has been suffering badly due to the prevailing situation, it is, indeed, shocking that Kashmir is being discriminated on all fronts including the development, Khan said.
“Should it be believed that the regions or the areas of Muslim majority of the state are given step motherly treatment to deliberately keep them unprivileged or under developed?,” Khan asked. “The KEA would not hesitate to blame the Congress partner of the coalition government (National Conference) for playing a role to favour the Jammu region only to secure their vote bank and making hollow claims for the development of Kashmir.”
This is not for the first time and surely not the last, when the state government has been forced to treat Kashmir as a secondary and insignificant part of the state, the KEA said.
The statement said KEA will continue its struggle and strive for the interests of Kashmir and its people and will not tolerate any discriminations and will mobilise public opinion, if the need arises.