Indians rank 3 in getting best value hotel room rates at home: Report

MUMBAI: Indian travellers are among the top three in getting best value hotel room rates domestically in 2013, at Rs. 5,254 a night, according to the latest Hotel Price Index (HPI) report by a leading online accommodation booking website.
“At Rs. 5,254 a night Indian travellers stood third in terms of getting the best value hotel room rates domestically in 2013,” as per the latest Hotel Price Index (HPI) report by
Travellers from Thailand took the first place at Rs. 5,160 a night followed by Malaysians, who took in the second place at Rs. 5,198 a night, the report said.
The Hotel Price Index is a regular report on hotel prices in major destinations across the world.
It further reveals that Swiss travellers paid the most on hotel rooms at home averaging at Rs. 12,400 a night followed by Norway, which came second at Rs. 10,834 and Singapore third at Rs. 10,722 a night domestically.
When it came to spending on hotel rooms abroad, Indian travellers were listed at number 17, in the list of 32 countries, as the most generous with an average payment of Rs. 8,751 a night.
Travellers from Switzerland once again paid the most when travelling outside their borders with an average of Rs. 10,642 per night.
Argentineans came in second at Rs. 10,532 a night, also making them the highest paying Latin American nation.
Travellers from the US stood third at Rs. 10,083 a night.
Malaysians were the savviest nation with an average spend of Rs.7,526 a night, while travelling overseas, followed closely by the Taiwanese at Rs. 7,621 and the Dutch as the lowest paying Europeans at Rs. 7,908.
Of the 32 countries analysed, 24 paid more abroad than at home with some having a significant gap between the two sums.
The Argentineans spent Rs. 4,185 a night more on average when travelling abroad, followed closely by the Thais at Rs. 3,575 and the Indians at Rs. 3,497 as well as the Chinese at Rs. 3,408.
Only seven nations paid more at home than away with travellers from Singapore once again with the greatest difference, spending Rs.2,423 more domestically than abroad. The Swiss followed with a Rs. 1,758 variation and the Norwegians with Rs. 751. —PTI