Mufti dubs NC-Cong alliance as ‘opportunist’

Jammu: The opposition Peoples Democratic Party Sunday said the National Conference-Congress government in Jammu and Kashmir stood exposed for its non-performance and there were no takers for its hollow slogans.
The NC-led government had lost people’s faith and a change was imminent in the state, PDP patriach Mufti Mohammad Sayeed told a public meeting here.
“The NC-Congress coalition government stands exposed for its non-performance and there are no takers for its hollow slogans now.
“Change is imminent in Jammu and Kashmir as the NC-led government has lost people’s faith,” he said.
“The NC and the Congress have reneged on almost all promises made to the people during the last Assembly elections and the coalition government run by them lacks direction and commitment,” Mufti said.
“It was only during tbe PDP-led regime that residents of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh got the taste of good governance and they were made part of the decision-making process”, Mufti said.
“It is my desire to make Jammu and Kashmir an island of peace where every individual will get equal opportunities for growth and development,” he said.
Dubbing the NC-Congress combine as opportunist, Mufti said both the parties had entered into the alliance without any programme and policies.