1952: US Ambassador in Pak Cables Washington

“(The) Foreign Minister (of Pakistan) this afternoon said (that) his first personal reaction to the (State Dep(artment)’s suggestion is that it may be worthwhile if there is hope that (Dr. Frank) Graham would come to grips with the problem. Evidence of such intent would be (the) inclusion of military advisors in the group conducting the conversations. Either Devers, Malone, Clay or Wedemeyer will be acceptable to Pakistan. Should this foregoing thought be acceptable to Graham and the GOI (Government of India), the Foreign Minister is confident that the Pak Cab(inet) would be willing to send a cab(inet) min(ister) to the SC (Security Council) – probably Mahmoud Hussein, (the) Min(ister) for Kashmiri Affairs – supported by advisors who would probably include the Foreign Secretary and the Secretary of Defense.
The Foreign Minister will not leave Pak at this time because he is needed to guide the Cab(inet) thinking and to act as a brake on precipitate action.
The Brit(ish) HC (High Commissioner) visited the Foreign Minister half an hour before my own interview. Zafrulla’s comments to him, while not so specific as his statements to me, followed the same gen(eral) line of a favorable reaction to the proposal from Whitehall in Wash(ington).

2005: LoC Bus Flagged Off
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh flagged off the cross-LoC Srinagar-Muzaffarabad bus service from Srinagar’s Cricket Stadium. Considered a strong confidence building measure (CBM), the service was launched to unite the divided families of Jammu and Kashmir. But authorities at Muzaffarabad and Srinagar have made cross-LoC travel difficult with cumbersome procedures. Passengers have to be cleared by intelligence agencies in Pakistan-administered-Kashmir and Srinagar. This cited as one of the major reasons for the bus service having failed to achieve its intended objective, as very few people have been able to utilize the service because of procedural delays.