Yeti Lagnaitav Taylayfone


Sheru has finally come to a conclusion.  The woh woh (curses) of Kashmiri women always goes in vain, and their prayers are rarely granted.  Kashmiri women have been woh wohing  India since 1947, and praying for Pakistan.  But to their dismay, India has flourished though not fully. Pakistan, on the other hand, has many problems (as compared to India) to worry about

After years of keen observation, Sheru has found that most of the times when women in Kashmir pray for Pakistan’s victory in cricket, it loses, especially while playing India.  Like most Kashmiris, Sheru too misses a beat when Pakistan loses, but what can be done. Pakistan plays well with other teams, but when it comes to India, something goes wrong somewhere, and the entire Kashmiri nation loses the laali that otherwise graces their cheeks.

But there is a way out. Let women stop cursing India. Let them pray for it instead. But what if Allah the Almighty grants their wish? Sheru is in a dilemma. Past experiences, however, show that such chances are very rare. Sheru, therefore, urges women to pray for India from now onwards.

Welcoming bridegrooms to the feast at his bride’s home, women would sing:  sabz dastaras khuda chui razi, pakistanuk ghazi aaw (your green turban pleases Allah, a saviour from Pakistan has come). But unfortunately, this too has not been granted. The green turban has long vanished, and the saviour from Pakistan has not come, at least not till date.

But one prayer has been definitely answered. The groom is also welcomed by these verses ………., yeti lagnaitav taylayfone. (Get us a telephone connection).  Today Kashmir has been flooded by telephones. Every person has a phone now and this facility is fast turning into a nuisance.  Cell phones start ringing in masjids, in funeral gatherings, and in conferences.  People are so addicted to the phones that they go to any extent to keep the instrument in order. Three years ago when the government of India banned pre-paid mobile services in Kashmir, a buchi from Gandarbal committed suicide. Women, therefore, have to stop it. Their prayer has been granted in full, and no more phones are now needed.

Sheru, however, is happy that most women’s curses are rejected. They frequently `greet’ their husbands and children with words like zaharbaad, katche teambar etc.  What will happen if Allah chooses not to reject such wishes?  He (Allah) only knows what to grant, and when.

Women, therefore, have to play a vital role in Kashmir’s liberation and the progress of Pakistan and its cricket team.  This will also counter the Indian propaganda that Kashmiri women do not want azadi and hate Pakistan.